She is the woman and the child, the moon is her best friend and the stars are her home. The Victorian age fascinates her way too much. She dreams of her own library for reading is her greatest pleasure next to music. Films let her have multiple lives just as books. Inside of you can be several women - life’s too short to live only one life. Tragic lovers are her favourite for she’s one of them, too. Wonderland exists inside her head and tea parties are always welcome. She walks in dreams and sleeps through reality, a girl who waits for moments unknown. A girl who fights in this life on her own.

doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, the big bang theory, pretty little liars, dracula, gilmore girls, pushing daisies, sailor moon, neon genesis evangelion, puella magi madoka magica

music, a selection:
delta goodrem, olivia lufkin, kate bush, the doors, david bowie, fleetwood mac, hayley westenra, mika nakashima, cécile corbel, emmy rossum, loreena mckennitt, tears for fears, rie fu, nolwenn leroy, tori amos, phidel, kelly sweet, the smiths, joy division, kansas, mandy moore, taylor swift, yuna ito, folk, singer-songwriter, country, classic rock, jpop, classical & soundtracks.

films, a selection:
marie antoinette, black swan, the real life of angel deverell, moulin rouge, bright star, wuthering heights (2009), becoming jane, labyrinth, the virgin suicides, restless, howl’s moving castle, phantom of the opera, midnight in paris, les soeurs bronte, jane eyre (2011), classic disney films, hitchcock and classic hollywood.

books, a selection:
wuthering heights, harry potter series, the lady of camellias, the phantom of the opera, tess of the d’ubervilles, a great and terrible beauty, the perks of being a wallflower, the night circus, kamikaze girls, the fault in our stars, howl’s moving castle, isis, doctor jekyll and mr hyde, jane eyre, juliet, sherlock holmes stories.
poetry; especially by emily bronte, john keats, christina rossetti, emily barrett browning, emily dickinson, william wordsworth, jim morrison
joseph von eichendorff, achim von arnim 

musicals I’ve seen (chronological order):
the phantom of the opera (stuttgart, germany, 2002), 
moulin rouge! (nuremberg, germany, 2003), tanz der vampire (berlin, germany, 2005), disney’s the lion king (london, england, 2006), we will rock you! (london, england, 2006), mamma mia! (london, england 2007), disney’s mary poppins (london, england, 2007), elisabeth (vienna, austria, 2013), disney’s beauty and the beast (essen, germany, 2013)