Rule Number Three (2011)

“I’m 22 now, but the people I admire are much older. Maybe I’m prematurely middle aged. When I was in Albuquerque I started listening to a lot of blues music because some of the guys in the cast were talking about Blind Blake and Robert Johnson – and a lot of things from the 1950s. I’m going through a doo-wop phase at the moment. I want to start a band (although if I were to sing the world would end). There’s this innocence to doo-wop that’s charming. The most poignant thing I’ve seen recently is some footage of these doo-wop bands when they were 13-year-old boys, and now as old men they’re singing the same songs and their voices haven’t changed, but everything else is so different.”

Imogen Poots for Project Magazine (x)