Vailed Vivien Leigh in a screen test for Gone with the Wind.

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Headshot of Vivien Leigh, British actress, in a studio portrait, against a white background, circa 1940.

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Vivien Leigh in Duel of Angels 

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Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind in 1939.

"We went to see Duel of Angels, a play with Vivien Leigh. We went backstage and met Vivien. Lucy [Ball] and I went to the Brown Derby across the street. She was very depressed and just sat there and fiddled with her food. She said, ‘What I do is so meaningless, so unimportant. She is such a great actress. Look what she can do!’ To cheer her up, I said, “But, Lucy, think of the millions of people you’ve affected. Could Vivien ever, ever affect that many millions of people like you do?” She turned to me and said, ‘Have you ever heard of that little movie called Gone with the Wind?’” -Bob Osborne

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Vivien Leigh, 1935. Photo by Alexander Bassano

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Vivien Leigh out and about, c. late 1940

Dear Lord, I’m so grateful I’m still loved.

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Rest in Peace Vivian Mary Hartley - 5th November 1913 - 7th/8th July 1967. <3

I wanted to find the most beautiful statement to sum up Vivien and I think this is perfection, I love you my angel.

In 1986, a visitor to his home found the 80-year-old Olivier sitting alone, watching Leigh in an old film on television. ”This, this was love,” he said, in tears. “This was the real thing.”

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